Selling What You Have to Drive Business Growth

By Brady Whitesel on August 23, 2022

It’s pretty simple, and yet very complex. You’re the product visionary; always ahead of the competition. You have some of the industry’s leading products, and as a result, your investors expect you to grow revenue 30% to 50% every year. Not only that, they expect you to deliver 20% net profit every year. It all makes sense, right? Generating revenue growth while delivering net profit and EBITDA is how one ultimately generates wealth from one’s business.

How do you balance forward thinking product innovation and design and meet your investor’s expectations for revenue growth and profitability? If you announce your innovative new product prior to launch, you jeopardize your existing revenues. The solution is to manage new product development in the background and never announce new products before they are market-ready. In the meantime, sell what you have and meet your investors expectations!

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